Friday, February 26, 2010

That was Ugly

I think I've finally calmed down from last night's ultimate Frisbee game. Hopefully blogging about it won't stir things up again.

The final score was 12-15 or 13-15. Frankly, I didn't care. I was just glad to be done with it.

The problem was the other team really didn't know the rules. So when we tried to explain the rules (and I've got to admit some of them are pretty random), they would start yelling at us. And Heaven forbid they actually listen to what we are saying. They had to try to yell over us.

Unfortunately, we responded in kind, yelling right back, so no one listen to anyone else.

And we turned on each other. In fact, one of our ladies has stated she won't be back if another member of the team is there. Um, he wasn't the worst offender on our team (and the worst offender was on the other team). I guess they've got some history, but I sure don't see how it was all his fault.

I got called a liar twice, once by my team mate who wouldn't stop yelling long enough to listen to where the confusion came from. The other by the lead jerk on the other team when discussing the score. My favorite part of that exchange? When he yelled at me, "I'm not arguing with you about the score," after a couple of minutes of us arguing about the score. And it wasn't a yell to walk away, it was just supposed to be a statement of fact.

Unfortunately, we'll probably wind up playing them during the tournament in just over a week.

We've got two games this next week, and I'm not really looking forward to them. Then the tournament.

And my calf muscle has been bothering me all week. I hope whatever is wrong heals quickly because I need to keep running with those mud runs coming. But I am taking it easy for a week or so (outside of ultimate games) so that it will hopefully heal.

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