Monday, May 16, 2016

Men’s Beach Tournament

So Saturday was the Men’s Beach League Tournament.  It pretty much went as expected.  Translation: We lost both of our games.

We had the lowest turnout of any of the teams, at least as far as I saw.  We had four subs the first game and three the second.  When I’m one of those subs (since I’m a slow runner) and the other team has a full field of subs plus some, you are in trouble.

But both games were hard fought.  We never just gave up but played each game as hard as we could.  Want proof?  I was having trouble staying awake to read at 6 PM that night.  Yes, I was that exhausted.

And we had fun.  I mean, seriously, we were playing ultimate on the beach in beautiful weather.  What’s not to love?

I got a very light burn that I’m hoping will turn into a tan.  However, it will turn into a very fun tan line since it clearly shows I was wearing a tank top.

I really would like to be on a team that wins occasionally.  Heck, would it be that much to ask for to be on a team that wins half their games?  But I wouldn’t have skipped this season had I known how it would turn out.

Now, to find reasons to get to the beach other times.  I really need to go to the beach more often.

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