Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Fun Memorial Day Weekend

You’ll notice I was pretty radio silent last week.  That’s because not too much happened.  It was a very quiet weekend at home, and a pretty standard week of work/reading/reviewing.  I did get out and do more this last weekend.  It was a long weekend, after all.

In fact, the weekend started a little early since I got to leave work early on that Friday.  I used the extra time to go see Alice Through the Looking Glass.  I wasn’t holding out much hope for this movie, but I wound up liking it.  Really no connection to the books other than character names, but it was enjoyable.

Saturday, my church had a picnic at a park here in town I didn’t even know existed.  Apparently, it isn’t usually open to the public, but we got to go in and enjoy the grounds.  It was a great day.

Sunday was the usual, church, ultimate Frisbee, and then some TV time with some friends.  Since Once Upon a Time has ended for the season, we are watching Big Bang Theory at the moment.  Ultimate Frisbee turned out to have numbers too low to really play, which was disappointing, but the weather outside was absolutely gorgeous.  I wish we’d had more because it was a great day to play.

Monday, I got a good dose of disc sports, but disc golf instead of ultimate Frisbee.  I met up with some of my ultimate Frisbee friends, and we wound up playing a couple of rounds at the course in Sylmar.  My lack of distance throwing continued to be a problem for me, but the company was fun.  The down side is that I got very sunburned.  I thought I’d be okay in the shade when I remembered it.  Of course, I also was only counting on playing one round, not two.  Being out in the sun for 5 hours will leave you sun burned for sure.

In between all of that, I started on my annual season of Smallville.  I’m up to season 9, and I think I’m going to go ahead and watch season 10 this summer as well.  Usually, I have the season I’m watching mostly finished between the end of the regular TV season and the start of the summer TV season.  Not this year.  There really was no break.  Heck, Royal Pains started their final season before everything was even over.  But I will get through it as best I can while trying to get some extra reading in.  I did that this weekend.  I finished one book Saturday morning and read another one over the next few days.  I read most of it on Monday, finishing it before I went to bed.

Given all that, there was still so much I wanted to get in that I didn’t.  I need another couple of days off!

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