Monday, April 14, 2014

Men's Beach League - Report 1

Yes, I'm doing Men's Beach League again this year, and I suspect the results will be about the same as last year.

If you remember, last year we barely won the final game of the tournament.  This year, my team is on another losing streak.  And yes, it's a different team than last year.

Considering I've missed two of the three weeks we've had so far, I can't claim sole responsibility.  And I'll admit that always makes me feel better.  Of course, I'd feel best if we actually won.

The one game I went to was very close.  We were way behind at half, but brought it back to close out at 11-13, which I call a respectable loss.  I had a couple of wild throws that were caught and a few good throws as well.  We only had a couple of subs, so I got plenty of playing time whether I wanted it or not.  I don't tend to play as much in league games, but I can't complain too loudly this time.

Unfortunately, there is a fifth team this year, so every team gets two games for 3 weeks of the regular season and one game for the other 2 weeks.  Even worse, the two weeks I have to miss are some of our two game weeks.  As a result, I'm only going to get to play four of our eight regular season games.  Hopefully, we get at least two games in the tournament in May.


That Loud Redhead said...

Well I hope your season improves. It sure SOUNDS like a fun sport! :)

Mark Baker said...

Obviously, I do enjoy the sport, but man I hate constantly being on losing teams.