Saturday, December 08, 2012

Weekly TV Recap for December 8th

Once Upon a Time – So, Cora is the Queen of Hearts.  Interesting development.  But I felt so sorry for Regina.  She took a big risk (and a lot of pain it looked like) so that Snow and Emma could return.  She did it for Henry.  And then they go off and leave her standing there in Gold’s shop.  I know she’s done a lot, and forgiveness isn’t going to come easily, but they could have tried a little more.

The Amazing Race – Of all the times for there to be a non-elimination leg.  I am so ready for the Twinies to be gone!!!!

Castle – A very fun Christmas episode.  I felt a bit like it was A Christmas Carol with everything happening right around Christmas in the case.  And there were so many great one-liners that I was laughing the entire time.

Arrow - Yeah, I pretty much saw that one coming.  It was predictable that this girl wouldn't listen to him.  But it did give us some very nice character development along the way.

Survivor - How in the world have they not voted out that one chick yet?  I get the strategy, but seriously, she's so annoying to everyone, they just need to vote her out and be done with it already.

Burn Notice - I'm really not enjoying this storyline at all.  Especially since they are running and not even trying to prove what a bad dude this guy was.  Seriously, I don't know how they'll resolve things in two episodes, but I hope they have done just that and everyone can get back to some semblance of order again.

The Big Bang Theory - Penny teaching the guys about fishing was hilarious.  The is the kind of stuff I love watching this show for.  The sub-plot with Sheldon and Amy was pretty funny, too.  They are such a perfectly funny couple.

Nikita - Amanda and Nikita is such a great rivalry.  I don't miss Percy at all, even though he was a great villain.  But it's Alex I'm worried about.  Going back to drugs is never good.  And I saw who the mole was earlier.  Now, the question is, is she playing Birkoff, or did what she said happen with Amanda really happen?  And if it did, was Amanda telling the truth or lying to get her cooperation.

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