Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Two Games and Epiday

I know I haven't posted in a while, but I've been busy.

Last Thursday was an ultimate game. It was my only Thursday game this summer, which makes me really happy. I left youth group early to get to the game late. When I got there, we were tied 3-3. Then we were behind a few points before hitting half 8-7. We started out strong second half, increasing our lead to 12-8. Then we let them catch up. We traded points for the rest of the night. Games are supposed to be win by two hard cap at 18. We hit the hard cap first, so we won 18-17.

Meanwhile, this weekend was Epiday. This was a chance for members of Epinions to get together with local members. There were lots of meetings all over the country. Mine was at a park in Santa Monica. I got to meet several people I know well from the site, including one of the employees, and make several new friends as well. If you want full details, read my write up here.

Afterward, I went down to the beach for a quick dip, something I haven't done in two years. The water felt great. Well worth the extra time.

Monday night was an ultimate game yet again. We started this one out 0-4 but once we finally got our heads in the game, turned things around to take half 8-7. We came on strong in the second half, finishing 15-10. Both sides were playing lots of zone defense. And they were really poaching off us on defense, which meant I could get open as a swing or dump pretty easily. Gave me several more changes to get the disc then normal.

But I have to tell you what I am most proud of. I threw one of our goals. I can't remember the last time that happened if at all. What makes it even better is how it happened. I got the disc, and my teammate immediately started calling for it. But three members of the other team ran toward her, so I pivoted the other way. They all shifted and she stayed were she was, which meant she was open. I tend to panic when I get the disc period, so the fact that I waited and then we connected to score really made me happy.

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