Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Catching Up

So, it's been way too long since I blogged. So maybe I should update you on my life.

I love my new laptop. Granted, I still haven't moved my bookmarks and files into it. But it's great to sit anywhere I want in the condo and be on the computer. And I can be on the internet anywhere I want, too. Life is good.

And I had a great Christmas. But it was very busy. Hardly had time to turn around with all the people it was time to see. But it was wonderful. Got to see good family friends as well as spend good time with family. And Santa was good to me, too. Got the fifth seasons of 24 and Alias, new Foxtrot and Zits books, Pirates and Cars.

The weather was great both directions, which was a relief considering a bad storm came in while my brother and sister-in-law were heading back to Dallas. There were wind warnings the whole way down, but it was never too windy. The Grapevine had been closed the night before because of wind and snow but was open by the time I got down here.

Then for New Year's I went to Indio (near Palm Springs) and hung out with Donald, Heather, Stephen, Natalie, and Dylan. I was only supposed to be there New Year's Eve, but because traffic was getting bad, I stayed through the 2nd. We hung out and played games with me checking on the Monk marathon every chance I got.

And speaking of Monk, the new tie in novel is great.

Anyway, I was off through the 2nd. I love three day work weeks. Unfortunately, I have to work five days this week.

Last week, my hot water heater stopped working. I could get it to light for a while, but it would go out again later. We discovered this Thursday, and Friday a repairman came out and fixed it. The thermostat was out. It sounds simple. But it was expensive. About half of what it would have cost to replace it. But since it is only six years old, hopefully it was worth it.

That about sums up my life the last few weeks. And I promise to feel guilty if I take this long between updates again.

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