Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Since Thanksgiving (aka Catch Up Part 2)

So here's part two of the catch up. You see, I've been very busy since I got back from Texas.

That first weekend back, I went to Kurt and Kellie's cabin. Ok, actually it's their families, but still. They've only promised they were going to invite me up there for years. And I had a great time. There were 10 of us, some of whom I had met only a couple times. But that didn't stop us from having fun like we were old friends. We played Pictionairy and another game as well as some Nintendo 64. They have darts, mini ping-pong, foozeball. The only down side was watching Monster House. I was right. The movie is horrid.

I once again got the desire to get a laptop. Yes, I think seeing my brother's at Thanksgiving had something to do with it. As is the fact that my computer seems to be getting slower by the day. And the harddrive is full. Anyway, a week ago Kurt took me town to the Apple store trying to get me to buy one. It didn't work. But I did order a Dell Saturday. It's being delivered to my parents since it's supposed to arrive during Christmas. I so can not wait!

Also this weekend, I got together with Debbie, Josh, Bonnie, and Casey to see The Nativity Story. Then we hung out afterward and played games. It was great to hang out with them.

Of course, that does without saying. Having out with friends is always fun.

I am spending as much of my free time as possible at Epinions right now. They are having a sweepstakes contest right now for first reviews. Most of the prizes are $100, but there area few $1000 prizes and a grand prize of $2500. Yeah, I've got to pay for my lap top somehow.

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