Monday, July 17, 2017

Camp Pendleton Mud Run 2017

I was getting so close to catching up, and then I stopped blogging again, didn’t I?  Let’s fix that.

June 10th was the Camp Pendleton Mud Run this year.  It was unfortunate timing since I was still fighting off bronchitis, and I hadn’t gone running for several weeks.  Between the two, this was not the best time I’d turned in.  In fact, I finished in over two hours instead of my usual 1:45 or so.  But I finished.

It was a cool day.  We’ve had tons of heat since then, but that day was almost cold.  The sun finally came through as I was leaving.  Naturally.

I was exhausted when I finished, but I had so much fun on the course.  We actually got to go through some of the buildings in Combat Hill this year, which was nice.  Even though we’d had more rain than the last few years, there still wasn’t enough water in the former reservoir to swim, so we crawled under nets again.

This is just a fun course where we get to be on a military base.  I really like that.

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