Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Ending on a Good Note

Last night was my final summer league regular game for the year.  And we won!

It was a close game, but we were ahead the entire time.  We started out ahead, and they never caught up to us.  We were never ahead by more than 2 points the entire night, but we were ahead.  The lights went out when the score was 12-11, so we didn’t get a full game.  But we won!!!!

That puts the team at 3 wins for the year, and we aren’t in dead last place.  Both of those things are very huge accomplishments for my teams, and I’m thrilled.

And to show how thrilled about it I am, after our last game on Friday, I was debating about just quitting on the rest of the season and quitting ultimate period.  We had a lousy game, and I just couldn’t take it anymore.  Then this happened, and I was back on cloud 9.

The one thing that kept me from quitting is that the tournament is this Saturday, and it’s actually pretty close to home.  After driving over an hour to every tournament I’ve played in, this is wonderful news.  It looks like our first round isn’t until 10AM, and I could leave as late as 9:30 and still get there on time.  If I’m smart I will leave earlier than that.  We’ll see what happens Saturday morning.  But how could I quit when the tournament was that close.

I’m still debating what I will do about ultimate long term, but I’m at least excited for Saturday.

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