Thursday, December 12, 2013

Another Busy Weekend

Last weekend was a busy weekend.  See, my parents followed me down from Thanksgiving.  Well, maybe not really, but close to it since I came down on Tuesday and they came down on Thursday.  I didn’t see them that day – I went to dinner with my friend Chris instead.

However, we met up after work on Friday and went down to Glendale Centre Theatre to see A Christmas Carol.  It was wonderful!

Then Saturday was the real reason they’d come down.  Some good family friend’s youngest daughter was getting married just north of Bakersfield.  It’s a couple hour trip, but the weather decided to complicate it.  The most direct route was closed due to snow.  The indirect route was also closed due to snow, but fortunately we didn’t know about it and it had reopened before we got to the summit.  We arrived in plenty of time, but the flowers didn’t.  They were also delayed because of snow, and things got a late start.  Still, when things did get started, it was beautiful and a nice day all the way around.

Sunday, Mom and Dad went to church with me, and then we went back to the condo where they were properly impressed with my Christmas decorations.  They got some things done, then we played games and watched The Amazing Race together.

It’s put me really behind on Christmas – at least the shopping part of things.  But it was a nice weekend and a very nice visit all the way around.

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