Monday, July 07, 2008

Nice Long Weekend

I thought the fact that my roommates are moving out might put a damper on my weekend, but it didn't. For one thing, I decided to ignore it and do what I had planned to do all along. That certainly helped.

Thursday was definitely a down day. In fact, I only left the house to do a quick grocery run and get Quiznos. I finished up the first season of Lois and Clark and watched a couple movies I had DVR'd in the last month. Still have lots more to go.

Friday, I spend the day with Kurt and Kellie and various friends and family. We had a BBQ at Kurt's parent's house. Then went swimming at Kellie's parent's. Joined up with Kenny and Katherine for dinner before heading out to the Kohl's/Whole Foods parking lot for fireworks. They were great but would have been better if they had turned the lights in the parking lot out.

Saturday, I went down to a signing for Rhys Bowen's latest book. Came home, swam, and watched another movie.

Sunday, I visited Faith Community for the second time. It was a good service, although the couple in front of my whispered the entire way through. Maybe she was translating? That was all I could figure since she did most of the whispering. Either way, it was ironic that it bothered me so much since it was a sermon on anger.

I was supposed to go to Santa Monica and play ultimate with a friend, but that fell through at the last minute, so I had a restful afternoon around the condo. I even did two loads of laundry.

So that was my fun and exciting weekend. Now back to the real world of year end work and roommate searches.

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