Friday, February 15, 2019

A Second Loss

We had our second loss of the season Monday night.  I wasn’t at all surprised when I saw who the other team was.  I’ve played with a couple of them in the past during summer league, and I know how fast they are.  Additionally, we were missing our three fastest/most athletic guys.

But we put on a good fight.  We were down 4-8 at half time, but we kept it competitive.  It was 10-15 at the end of the game, which means we stayed with them for the most part in the second half.  I’m rather proud of that.

For my part, I wasn’t really an active part of the game.  I went in on two defense points, and we were scored on both times.  My guy scored one of them, but I had chased him all around the end zone first.  The one offensive point I was in, we scored, but we did it quickly so I never had a chance to touch the disc.

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